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"...alongside those men who have consciously substituted for the principles of freedom those of socialism and collectivism, the responsibility will be shared by those who, while they long for the conditions of our free ancestors, reject as abstract and doctrinaire the very principles which made them free."

~ Frank S. Meyer

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Exposing the fallacy of Rights as Entitlements.
What Right Do I Have?

Challenging Conservatives to Use the Tool.
The GOP is a Broken Tool

Promoting civil discourse in the face of highly charged topics.
The Fire Eater ad hominem Challenge

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What is The Alphaville Decoder?

Welcome to our corner of the never ending struggle for the future of liberty, peace and prosperity. We stand as a force in direct opposition to Socialism, Globalism, Progressivism and most other 'isms' that require the elimination of the concept of the individual, or the sacrificing of principle as a condition of their viability.

The conservative movement, and the Republican party, won't get anywhere without a clear definition and understanding of what conservative principles are, how they are practiced in government and why. Most descriptions are arbitrary and convoluted and speak mostly to personal values or fear than common, practicable principles - the Decoder has developed this set, easy to remember and understand, that makes conservative evaluations and actions easy to grasp, use and deliver.

How to Use this Website

While navigating the site, you can find a link to any section or subject by visiting the main navigation bar at the top of the center block.

Getting Familiar with the Alphaville Five
The Conservative High 5 was developed as an easy-to-use key for evaluating people, actions and goals for their conservative merit. Start with the video for an overview, then follow the descriptions for each principle to understand its role.

Enjoying Yourself in Alphaville
The Fire Eaters and guests will post articles and site reviews illustrating the principles, and commentary on subjects of interest to Decoders. Don't forget to send us your comments and suggestions at

Getting the Most out of Alphaville
Would you like specialized teaching materials from the Decoder? Wouldn't it be cool if Michelle Fire Eater came to your club and gave a full presentation on the Conservative High 5 and why it works? Want to have your website, seminar, club or organization featured on our website? Contact Michelle at to set it up!

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About Our Name

"Everything has been said, provided words do not change their meanings, and meanings their words." ~Alpha 60

Alphaville is a very weird, black & white, French sci-fi film with no special effects. It's difficult to watch and follow, much like the conservative movement. Alphaville is a techno society where people are executed for illogical activities, such as expressing sentiments.

" We must not say why, but because." ~Natasha.

We pulled this reference as a metaphor for what we are doing at the decoder - being clear about what words mean and how they are applied in conversation and action, so that we may know and express clearly who we are and what we want. In Alphaville, people are forgetting how things came to be, who they are and even what language means. Words are literally disappearing from the dictionary.... at the Decoder, we are bringing them back.

. . . The Alphaville Decoder. . .

Thanks to the private toils of the following people.

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Dedicated to promoting clear thinking and open communication for the advancement of conservative principles in government.