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"We can stand here like the French, or we can do something about it."

~ Marge Simpson

~ Mission Statement ~

Who We Are and What We Do

The Alphaville Decoder organization is our response to observations made while participating in grassroots activism in Colorado. Our goals are simple and our plan is flexible. We endeavor to "be the change we want to see," as so eloquently said by Mohandas Gandhi. We are the Alphaville Decoder Founding Fire Eaters, Jahfre and Michelle. Join us if you will. We may disagree on positions, rationale and consequences but all who will stand up and be counted as consistent promoters of the Conservative High-5 are welcome. There is nothing to buy, nothing to join, no meetings, no commitments of any kind. There is only a choice; participate or not? It is all up to you.

The spark for The Alphaville Decoder was our realization that there is an unfilled need for ways to amplify and optimize the energy and momentum of the conservative grassroots movement. Our goal is to encourage grassroots activists to resist assimilation into the status quo as they work to move their chosen party in a direction more to their liking.

We do not offer a better version of those old systems of hierarchy and power brokers. Instead, we envision The Alphaville Decoder as a tool that people who are serious about conservative grassroots activity can use to optimize their individual effectiveness without being assimilated by the Party machine in the process.

We aim to sharpen and turbo-charge the conservative movement in America, to breathe a new, youthful efficiency into its heart and soul, and to show how these very old ideas apply so beautifully to our modern problems.

Be sure to contact us for details on how to join The Alphaville Decoder as a speaker, writer or to start your local chapter. Wait... you can start your local chapter right now by presenting the Conservative High-5 at your local GOP monthly meeting or debate club! If the tool works for you, use it! Be your local chapter.

Getting back to being the change we want to see, here are some of the things we want to see resulting from our activities at The Alphaville Decoder:

  • A political party that reflects the Conservative High-5 principles from the precincts to the national leadership. These principles comprise the heart of The Alphaville Decoder and shape everything you will find here from our speakers, to our articles, to our candidate evaluations and positions on pending legislation.
  • Increased participation in our local GOP. We intend to share our success and spread our influence through voluntary association, word of mouth and continuous action. We will pursue innovative ways to instigate and empower the GOP membership at the local level in thousands of communities and cities across the USA but our primary concern is our own community.
  • Political candidates at the national level who seek out endorsements from The Alphaville Decoder organization. We believe in "trickle up integrity" starting with conservatives in local communities holding their candidates to well defined and measurable standards. As those candidates move up the political hierarchy they will be subject to scrutiny from a larger group of virtual Alphavilles and their consistent standards.
  • People having fun while participating in local political events. At The Alphaville Decoder we believe if you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong. When we see people screeching their outrage with eyes bulging, veins straining to burst through their red necks and foreheads we cannot imagine they are having much fun. We are not an evangelical organization. We are not intent on changing what anyone thinks. Instead, we offer tools for getting the most out of the thinking they already do - it's easier, better and way funner.
  • Take the conservative grassroots movement to the next level. We're bringing together the message, the technology and the momentum to make the grassroots a cohesive and effective force. The grassroots relies on the net results from individuals making their own personal choices about what they should do and how they should do it. This sum of individual actions is nothing more mystical than the free market of ideas at work. As in the retail markets, consumers of ideas tend to make better choices when reliable, relevant information is available to them.

    We have the tools for true conservative government.
    Our purpose is to use them and share them.

. . . The Alphaville Decoder. . .

Thanks to the private toils of the following people.

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