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Candidate Evaluations

Measured Against the Conservative High-5

“Some fellows get credit for being conservative when they are only stupid.”

~ Kin Hubbard

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The Alphaville Decoder Candidate Evaluations

There are already many organizations that provide scorecards for candidates. The Alphaville Decoder is not a replacement for those. Our system is unique and serves a different purpose. First, this is a grass roots tool so the candidate evaluations come from the people, not from an organization. Second, many of the other rating systems rely on a questionaire filled out by the candidate. At the Alphaville Decoder we don't care what the candidates say about themselves or about any particular issue. Our grass roots evaluations will be scored against the Conservative High-5 rather than against any issue-oriented poll.

Who creates the Alphaville Decoder evaluations? In the beginning Michelle and Jahfre will create them because we are using this tool in our own community. As other Fire Eaters step up and take responsibility for their area they will provide evaluations for their local candidates. Each evaluation will be attributed to the person who submitted it. There is a screening process to become charter members eligible to have content posted on this website. We hope this will quickly grow beyond anything we can personally manage. That is the point of grass roots, after all. With the process we will use to seed charters throughout the nation, we believe the organization will be self-regulating by local participants. We reserve the right to remove a charter for conduct that tarnishes the reputation of the Alphaville Decoder or its members and contributer.

Our first milestone will be to have a charter member in each State. Although there is no reason the Alphaville Decoder cannot be used by conservatives in other countries, we are focusing on local organization first. We should be able to bring on 2-4 charter members per week once we have worked through the first few. Willing participants do not need to wait for a us to begin participating. The whole point is to DO what it takes. The screening process only applies to providers of content we will post on the website.

The GOP is a powerhouse but it has been in decline for a long time. Recent political circumstances have driven a swell in GOP membership. The essence of the force behind this grass roots momentum is embodied in these principles we call the Conservative High-5. If a candidate or proposed legislation cannot pass muster against these 5 core conservative principles, The Alphaville Decoder will highlight where they lack and make suggestions for aligning better with the Conservative High-5.

One reason for the GOP's slide the left as well as for its dwindling participation rates and membership numbers is that the GOP has not been promoting conservative candidates. It has been moving under the influence of people who have mistakenly assumed that the candidates must move towards the middle, to the left, in order to capture "the independent vote" when the better course for the GOP is to stand firmly on the conservative principles.

Information is moving very fast, economies are moving very fast, technology is moving fast to deliver the ever increasing daily barrage of information and/or entertainment in affordable, convenient and useful ways. Our culture is changing rapidly as a result of this acceleration of our world. Every day it becomes harder for individuals to find and trust information that they find useful in their daily lives. Even when people find information they trust, they typically do not have a well defined and repeatable set of criteria for that trust...it just "feels" right. The Alphaville Decoder is a stable reference point in this swirl of information.

For example, in the race for the 2008 GOP Presidential nomination there are 6 distinct flavors of conservatism all vieing for prominence. At The Alphaville Decoder we don't buy into the debate over who is the most conservative. We are alarmed that at least 3 of the popular flavors of "conservatism" being promoted during this primary season are led by war mongering, fear mongering, empire building big government liberal candidates who happen to be registered Republicans.

In case you haven't been paying much attention to the populist debate over who is the most conservative, it goes something like this:

  • First, each candidate touts their conservative record.
  • Next they compare their stance on a particular issue or class of issue to some respected past conservative's position. (Reagan)
  • Next they attack their most threatening opponent for the least conservative aspects of his record or current positions and platform.
  • Finally they go back to their own personal best campaign message and connect the dots as to how that makes them the most conservative candidate.

It is apparently not a requirement for some candidates that any of the points they make in these exchanges are true or verifiable. In the end, each candidate has had their non-conservative positions exposed and they all sound the same on their solidly conservative positions; nothing has changed. This pattern of political soft-shoe (with kicks) cannot deliver to the public an overwhelming reason to support one particular candidate. To further confuse the issue, every personality in the media plays favorites for other than conservative reasons. And further, every interested voter has their own set of criteria. Since this usually it isn't written down they do not physically use it to keep score for each candidate. So they end up only hearing for reasons to support their favorite and ammunition to use against the others.

This situation is not conducive to the advancment of conservatism. The Alphaville Decoder is our way of helping to alleviate some of the confusion. Our premise is simple, we believe that the more people know the more they will choose consistent conservative principles over emotional or faith-based personal convictions.

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