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Nullifying Subversive Codewords for Sport

“One of the signs of a healthy civilization is the existence of a relatively clear language in which everyone can participate in their own way. The sign of a sick civilization is the growth of an obscure closed language that seeks to prevent participation.”

~ John Saul

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The Alphaville Decoder C*O*D*E*W*O*R*D glossary.


The word naïve it is a code word that means: "Since I lack the ability to understand the consequences of my positions or the value of principles and since I lack the inclination to learn from history or to relate past events to their present equivalent, I can only assume you are naive for thinking you can understand these things enough to extrapolate your understanding into a probabilistic view that something similar may happen again.”

Or this...

Naïve is code word for: ”I do understand what you are saying because I do understand history and basic economics. However, since heeding that perspective involves dealing with consequences that fall outside my illusion of what is acceptable, I choose to believe those historical and economic indicators must be wrong and anyone who mentions them must be naïve. After all, it is certainly naïve to advocate undesirable consequences. You are pessimistic and naïve for promoting gloom and doom. You are arrogant for asserting they can make sense of complex issues, learn from the past and audaciously attempt to predict the future. You should be ashamed of yourself you Hypocrite!”

Of course, those undesirable consequences are an inevitable part of the evolution of our civilization. The looming world-wide depression indicates that we're about to learn the same lessons our ancestors have learned over and over again...as Arlo Guthrie would say, "…this time with feeling."

Liberal positions, even those held by Republican liberals, the neocon faction, can only be supported by those who are willing to overlook the consequences of their behavior. It is a necessary criteria for making their world view seem rational to them. Of course one who has defined inevitable consequences as inconsequential and impossible, despite eons of proof to the contrary, would have no choice but to assume naïve the other who thinks consequences are inevitable events of real consequence as shown by history and present reality.

We’ve all heard the joke about a conservative being a liberal who was just mugged. Well, that is a humorous way of phrasing my point. One who proactively decides to take responsibility for the consequences of his actions and beliefs is a conservative…regardless of whether or not they used to be a liberal or if their paradigm shift happened as a result of a traumatic event or a lifetime of analysis of cause and effect in political and economic cycles.

Next time someone applies the Naïve label to you or your beliefs you can chalk them up as a lost cause. Getting someone else to suddenly abandon their entire illusion of reality due to your words of clarity in a casual conversation has no chance of success. By the time they pull out the “N” word they have dismissed you because you represent a threat to their comfortable, haughty grand illusion; they need to avoid reality at all costs.

Jahfre Fire Eater

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