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Deliberately Going Deeper Than Necessary

“Everything has been said, provided words do not change their meanings, and meanings their words.”

~ Alpha 60

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Why the name, "Alphaville Decoder?"

Our name is a reference to the film, Alphaville.

Alphaville is a very weird, black & white, French sci-fi film with no special effects. It’s difficult to watch and follow, much like the conservative movement. Alphaville is a techno society where people are executed for illogical activities, such as expressing sentiments. “We must not say why, but because.” ~Natasha. We pulled the title as a metaphor for what we are doing at the decoder – being clear about what words mean and how they are applied in conversation and action, so that we may know and express clearly who we are and what we want. In Alphaville, people are forgetting how things came to be, who they are and even what language means. Words are literally disappearing from the dictionary.... at the Decoder, we are bringing them back.

. . . The Alphaville Decoder. . .

Why the name, "Fire Eater?"

This started as a personal term of endearment between us. It signifies the ability of those who stand on solid principles to appear impervious to attack by unprincipled forces. This is usually followed by accusations of being arrogant or condescending for not providing the expected, and desired, reaction. These exchanges elicit the most amusing reactions from the bewildered attackers. Oh how they do froth at the mouth and sling C*O*D*E*W*O*R*D*S.

The term found its way into our online personnas through various channels. As we continued to meet people in real life who first met us online it became less confusing simply to stick with the "Fire Eater" name. It was a natural progression to include the term in our vision for The Alphaville Decoder as a measure of those who demonstrate their willingness to practice donning the impervious suit of princple. This includes things like being able to spot codewords; known and new alike, being able to keep a discussion civil in the face of unprincipled attacks and understanding filters and barriers and their roles as obstacles to plain communication.

. . . The Alphaville Decoder. . .

What is "Trickle Up Integrity?"

Incentive. Trickle-up-integrity is a method for preventing liberals from rising to positions of leadership in the GOP ever again. This is the situation today in 2008; it has to end and be prevented from happening again. By tracking individual candidate's performance against the Conservative High-5 it will be much easier for conservatives to nip liberal candidates in the bud before they begin moving up the ladder with no accountability to their record or past platforms. From now on, any candidate who runs for office where a member of The Alphaville Decoder organization resides, that candidate will be entered into our rating system.

. . . The Alphaville Decoder. . .

Why is something new like "Trickle Up Integrity" vital to the future of conservatism?

Times have changed. Not too long ago there wasn't much difference between the average Democrat and the average Republican, on the outside, at least. Cultural standards were more strict and peer pressure more effective. They mostly had similar hair, drove similar cars and worked, played and prayed at similar places all over the country. Within the GOP the variations were even less noticable or common. In those days, at different times in different places, for sure, if a candidate had a "R" by his name everyone knew all they needed to know about that person.

Those days are gone. People move around to acheive political or personal goals. Without a consistent way to measure these candidates we have created a loophole in the GOP nomination process that allows candidates with blatantly liberal philosophies, like Rudy Giuliani, who once was a GOP front-runner virtually indistinguishable from Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party front-runner at that time by our rating against the Conservative High-5.

The Alphaville Decoder Candidate Evaluations stand as a consistent measure that follows a candidate from office to office and location to location throughout their career. As our organization grows, conservatives anywhere will be able to trust a candidate who shows up on their local ballot if he has an Alphaville Decoder evaluation of excellence.

We expect the new conservatives to each, individually, help extend the reach and influence of The Alphaville Decoder's Conservative High-5 Principles and trickle-up-integrity.

. . . The Alphaville Decoder. . .

Is The Alphaville Decoder's plan to splinter the GOP?

This year's open nomination process has revealed 6 distinct flavors of Republican voter. The party is already splintered and we believe that the lack of consistently defined and enforced principles is one cause. Having an "R" by the name doesn't tell enough of the story any more.

From now on, our local candidates will be rated against the Conservative High-5 for all to see. As some of them progress up the political ladder to State then perhaps National office, the The Alphaville Decoder rating will follow them. Using the our candidate evaluations, conservatives will be able to monitor each candidate's "Trickle Up Integrity" factor.

At The Alphaville Decoder we recognize the futility of trying to change what others think or do. Therefore, we are not attempting to unify the GOP through evangelical efforts but neither are we trying to splinter it through rebellious efforts. The Alphaville Decoder is a conservative organization, not a Republican organization. The Repubican Party is a tool that conservatives can use to leverage their values in government. The problem is that people who are not conservative at all can also use the GOP for their purposes...and they have. We are offering tools and consistency in an attempt to unify the conservative base in this country as a necessary step in the defense or our liberty. How that unified base decides to use the Republican Party is up to the individual conservatives themselves.

. . . The Alphaville Decoder. . .

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