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Conservative High-5 Principles

The Key Principles Behind the New Coservative Movement

Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have others.

~ Groucho Marx

Gimme Five!

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Demand All Five
Accept Nothing Less

Why must all five principles be adhered to? Isn't compromise part of our political purpose? Well, yes, on issues - but not on principles. Principles are not ideologies or opinions or values. Principles are unbending markers which must be met in order to achieve a goal or measure the effectiveness of an action. The principles outlined and demanded by the Decoder are the ones we cannot compromise on specifically because they are interrelated. Each of these is dependent on the other in order for the Decoder and for conservative government - indeed, for republican governent - to WORK.

Why are principles so important?
Isn't promoting and enforcing our values the goal, above and beyond our principles? The answer is no - because our principles are what ensure our liberty to promote those values. When action in government is simply a matter of enforcing your particular value set, no matter how many people share it with you, you are always at risk of having another mob who does not share your value set taking charge and rendering all you have done to promote those values irrelevant. We must ensure that our government is used for its intended purpose - to protect our liberty to promote our values in the world at large...

...because when you don't have liberty, it simply doesn't matter what you think about anything.

The purpose of principles is to keep our actions in line with our goals when, in times of anger, fear or confusion it may be tempting to do otherwise. After all, if we always did the right thing without having to think about it, we wouldn't need our principles in the first place. It is disregarding the conservative principles in favor of rhetoric and traditions that has weakened both the conservative movement and the Republican Party.

While our values give us identity and purpose, it is principles which give us strength and measure our wants against what actually works in the real world.

This is the very thing that defines conservatives from progressives, and should define Republicans from Democrats - the defining line between ideology and principle. If we do not adhere to conservative principles, we slip into ideology, unable to demonstrate why the conservative view of government is the one that works best.

The best way understand the principles is to apply them. By using each as a measure of actions or persons, it becomes clear how each is dependent on another in order for this tool to work. When ideas and actions are worked through the test of each principle, it becomes very clear that attempting to divorce any one principle from the whole simply breaks the tool. If the action, party, candidate or idea cannot incorporate adherence to all five, it won't work to our purpose of promoting conservative government. The Decoder Key is much like the branches of our republican government - unless the balance of power is maintained and the law followed, it simply doesn't work.

As you move through each principle, note the example given of how it is related to another, and another, and another... At some point the key will become clear and you will be able to utilize it quickly and efficiently as a conservative measure for any political action, tool, goal or representative.

For us, using the Decoder has become a game of logic - when all the pieces fit, we win.

If you have questions or comments about the Decoder, how it works or why it works, send us a note at FireEater@AlphavilleDecoder.org.

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