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National Defense

Against All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic

"We cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home."

~ Edward R. Murrow

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To learn more about strong national defense through foreign policy and how to hold onto our principles while maintaining it, check out Foreign Policy of Freedom by Congressman Ron Paul.

Strong National Defense
Means No Empire Building

Many think of 'defense' as purely a military consideration, but we go about defending the American dream through many means - foreign policy, support and defense of the rule of law, sound monetary and immigration policies, and good government. An overactive military or foreign policy that betrays the rule of law can have the exact opposite effect of defense, engendering ill will throughout the world and straining our military resources for purposes other than directly defending the American people. While we should endeavor to have the best physical defense possible, the most important thing to remember is that if we do not maintain the other four principles in the course of protecting ourselves, then we have nothing to defend.

We fight not for the sake of fighting or out of fear, says the conservative - we fight for freedom, and we lose if we give up those principles in the name of defense.

Our Life, Liberty and Property are Worthless if We Cannot Defend Them
Our country and our military have one thing in common - they are made up by individuals protecting life, liberty and property. In essense, our military is simply an extension of our second amendment right to keep and bear arms. Our life, liberty and property are worthless if we do not retain the right to defend them. In the same way that individuals must have the right to defend themselves from other individuals, our military must be able to defend the country. Maintaining a strong national defense means keeping a strong military to defend the union, a strong union to defend the individual, and strong individuals able to defend themselves.

There will always be boogey-men and bad folks in the world - while we defend our liberty to promote goodness in the world, we must defend ourselves from those who do not share those values, and those who would attempt to disarm the law-abiding out of fear of the boogey-men.

Why the Military is One of the True Lawful Roles of Federal Government
Those who promote free markets often get caught up in the argument over whether the military should be privatized. Free market advocates often proclaim that the private sector is the most efficient way to do anything - why not the military? Here is one area where the federal government has an honest and lawful role - because to invite private enterprise into military operations is to invite corporate interests to take a role in government functions, also known as CORPORATISM (fascism). When private enterprise is allowed to benefit from military operations, we see use of our best and brightest and changes in foreign policy which benefit the private sector at the expense of the American people. Our military should be run by generals and soldiers, the commander in chief and the American people - NEVER by private business. When war becomes profitable, civilizations descend into empire and freedom is lost.

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It's All Related
Government in bed with business is a direct affront not only to limited government and free enterprise, but freedom itself, and nowhere is this more evident than in the end effects of a privatized military complex - empire building for fun and profit at the expense of the American people. Never mind the moral problem of playing with human lives and sovereign governments for political power or financial gain - the specter of empire should be warning enough to end this game. Our freedoms are not only defended with arms and soldiers. They are defended by honoring the principles of liberty in all of our political actions, including war and defense. We dishonor our military when we allow our best and brightest to be used as pawns in private games instead upholding their oath to defend the constitution and the lives and freedoms of the American people. We dishonor them further when we so easily give up at home the very thing they are fighting abroad for our right to keep - liberty.

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