Jahfre Fire Eater

Bluntly Overstating the Obvious

"I was born in 1960; ignorant but eager to learn. Not much has changed."

~ Jahfre Fire Eater

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Who is Jahfre Fire Eater?
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I am engaged in a life-long defense of individual liberty against the forces of homogenization, oppression, assimilation and indoctrination. I'm the guy Occam calls to sharpen his razor.

Everyone has their own set of priorities, goals, knowledge and faith. I call these collectively, filters. Everyone has them. Everyone sees things differently, potentially. That is why making the effort to communicate effectively is so vital. Communication is not automatic or universal. It takes work. It takes purpose and incentives. It takes rewards. We have become a very uncivil society. There is no reason not to be friendly, we just tend towards disinterest or apprehension. The Alphaville Decoder project is aimed at fostering clear communication about well defined principles.

Lone Tree Liberty I believe good ideas can stand the test of fire. By the same principle, I believe bad ideas deserve to consumed in the heat of intellectual friction. Furthermore, I make it my responsibility to see that bad ideas stay in the furnace until they are consumed or their truth revealed.

Due to my background and my interests, I see relationships in everything. This forms the core of my world-view, "Its All Related." Part of my analysis is to distinguish between correlation and causal relationships.

~ Jahfre

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